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How to Migrate to Canada From Australia

For an Australian to pack up his or her belongings and become an immigrant to Canada, it may seem like an easy thing to do. Both the countries have a common language, share similar economic structures and government models, and have the same ethnic makeup of population. Each country even has banknotes that picture the Queen. All the same, the issue of migration is not as simple as it seems. It is very necessary for the Australian citizen intending to migrate to Canada to know that becoming a citizen of Canada is a complex matter and that there are major differences that separate the two countries.

Similarities and Differences

Migration from Australia to Canada must be taken up by the Australian citizen only if he or she is confident in the reasons that have led to planning to lead a life in the cold northern part of the world. While there are similarities between Australia and Canada, there are also a number of significant differences. The prevailing culture of both countries is Judeo-Christian while the economies are capitalistic and the politics are more liberal. This means that citizens are entitled to education and health care, but have still to find employment on their own and may not be able to utilize the facilities of the government on public holidays.


Most states in Australia have some autonomy, something you may not find in the provinces of Canada. Thus a province like Quebec runs a large deficit and is dependent on taxes from the rest of the country, unlike a province like British Columbia.


Both Australia and Canada have their own national parks, their own highway systems and also their own services for national TV broadcasting. The main difference, however, lies in the land itself, with Canada having very cold winters and a higher degree of precipitation.

Economic Conditions

While the economies of both countries are fairly strong, Canada admits foreigners like Australians only if they fit into the requirements for specific jobs in the workforce. This is where students have an advantage and can easily fit into the educational facilities that Canada has to offer.


Many of the universities of Canada that have a high level of education admit foreign students so that their global perspective and diversity is increased. This has resulted in allowing students to live in Canada with reduced tuition and other costs. However, there is a lot of competition for the posts that are offered, and so only students that have done very well in Australia would be eligible to be enrolled in a Canadian university. Exchange programs also create opportunities for students to study in both countries.

Finding Temporary Work

A number of Canadian industries are in an expansion phase and have requirements for labor that are not easy to fill from the local market. Thus, an Australian can acquire a work permit quite easily. There is a strange anomaly here, because the unemployment rate in Canada is higher than in Australia, but this is more because of the economic differences between the various provinces.

Immigrating as an Investor

If you are willing to provide credit, you will find your company very welcome in Canada. Corporations all over the world have been attracted to Canada because of the oil boom in Alberta. Such investors can even bypass the immigration route, as they need to be present for longer periods of time and for reasons that are purely business.

Become an Entrepreneur in Canada

The Canadian dollar is constantly improving and this can be a reason why Australian businessmen may find investing in Canada and being connected with the country through business interests quite profitable. They look to enter Canadian cities while Australian companies are able to establish themselves in Canada quite easily because of the strong relations between the countries through foreign affairs.

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